Doge Patrol

DOGEcoin node full download. DogePatrol

In the wake of popularity, thousands of new members were faced with the problem of synchronization.
Excessive expectation creates negative emotions!
We decided to consolidate efforts to create eternal DOGE-nodes based on the principle of renting annual VPS around the world, installation and monitoring.
The procedure is simple, clear and transparent - all nodes are immediately published on the site.
You are required to support (Donate) in any size at:


Let's create a decentralized network of nodes - increase the speed of the system!

List node of the Dogecoin:
Example: addnode add [100-200Mbit] Sponsors: BobKash & Regan [500Mbit] Sponsor: BobKash


Pay for a node for a year and I will publish your site or name as a sponsor of this node next to the ip-address!
Telegram: @bobkyiv
*One Node (100-200Mbit) for One Year costs from $ 80 or from 300 DOGE

Permanent Node of Dogecoin. First Day
for donate to make new nodes!